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Category: Top > 30" Widescreen Ultra SlimFit™ HDTV
Slim depth CRT - thinner than regular flat CRT Built-in HDTV tuner (NTSC/ATSC) 480i/480p/720p/1080i Capable Finer pixel dot pitch flat CRT improves picture resolution and brightness Offers true compatibility with progressive scan DVD players 3:2 pulldown film frame rate correction Digital signal processing 3D Y/C digital comb filter INVAR shadow mask Color temperature adjustments Velocity scan modulation improves edge detail Multi-function universal remote control Side built-in speakers 20 watt stereo with adjustable equalizer SRS TruSurround XT™ 2 HDMI Inputs 2 Component video inputs S-video input 2 compisite A/V inputs - 1 side/1 rear Fixed A/V monitor output RF input USB 1.1
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30" Widescreen Ultra SlimFit™ HDTV - 475.00
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