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This Guide will help you understand what BPO's (Brokers Pricing Opinion) are and provide information on the completion of

Brokers Price Option is a affordable and quick alternate to an appraisal

What do I need to complete a BPO?

What you need to do and have to complete a BPO varies from Client to Company but, most require that you have these basics (they will supply any other details):                

1. A current active realtor's license
2. E & O Insurance
4. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) access
3. A 3.0 mega pixel camera with zoom or better
4. A reliable mode of transportation
5. Internet access
6. Computer access
7. Workable knowledge of your available computer

How do I make money? What else do I need?

What you need in order to make money with BPO’s in addition to what you already have as a realtor is:

1. A company that needs your services – A list of up to 1000 companies at $25 per list of 100 companies can be provided, or you can get companies by searching the Internet.

 The VC3 Market Value Comparable Program - Will assist you in obtaining quick, consistent, and accurate Market and Listing BPO quotes. It is HIGHLY recommended at $199. It’s a bargain!!  Designed for anyone from new agents on up to an including seasoned professionsals.

For the price you get: 

1. Easy to use Software that you can use to calculate the Market Value
2. A Defintion sheet explaining quick and simply terms
3. A sheet explaining where to enter the data and how to calculate the results you need

To Order A Package: Send any standard order form with your contact information and a money order for the amount above in red made payable to:

VC3 LLC –BPO Division
3030 Chogburn Lane, Suite 100
Dumfries VA. 22026  
(703) 445-9444

When your order is received you will get an email confirming that we received your order and your package will be sent to you via the United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

Our Address:

VC3 LLC - BPO Division
3030 Chogburn Lane, Suite 100
Dumfries, VA 22026

Our Telephone:

Main: 703-966-7912

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